Nonsurgical, Pain-Free Lipo Massage for Body Contouring

The body sculpting treatment is an effective, nonsurgical alternative for cellulite and inch reduction. This noninvasive treatment provides optimal stimulation, stretching, and pressure to subcutaneous tissues. After a series of body sculpting treatments, you will see and feel the improvement of your skin and the shape of your body, with a noticeable difference in the fit of your clothes.

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

Body Sculpting treatments use Vacuum Massage Technology, which gently combines suction and pressure from two "rolling pins" to release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. This technique increases lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, allowing for toxins and fat cell fluids to flush from the body and reduce overall water retention. In turn, nutrients are allowed to enter the muscle and elastin is produced, making the skin more supple and reducing the hard, "orange peel" appearance of cellulite.

Benefits of Body Sculpting

Benefits of this treatment include the boosting of the immune system and stimulation of collagen production, which in turn reduces stretch marks and scarring. Because of its ability to reduce fluid retention and drain the lymphatic system, body sculpting can also help with pain management and muscle spasms. Body sculpting is also great for circulation.

Body sculpting provides an option to individuals who want to lose inches and smooth their skin without the risks, pain or high cost of radical surgical methods. To ensure your comfort, you will be provided with a body suit during the treatment.

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