Make Tape with Military Body Wraps


Every day, military men and women risk their lives to protect this country. It’s a hard job, and not very glamorous, but it’s because of these brave people that we are able to live in “the land of the free.”

Military men and women are held to very high standards, especially when it comes to fitness, and routine endurance testing is common throughout all branches of the military. Whether it’s a Physical Readiness Test (PRT), Physical Fitness Test (PFT) or Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), military men and women are expected to meet certain body fat standards, and can be assigned mandatory physical training as a punishment if they do not meet these standards. Luckily, at Aztec Tan & Spa, we’re here to help the military.

Whether you’re a member of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force or National Guard, Aztec Tan & Spa can help you “make tape” and lose inches by offering infrared body wraps.

What are Infrared Body Wraps?

Infrared body wraps use infrared heat to penetrate twice as deep as other heat sources to target toxins and cellulite trapped in your body. The heat pads are wrapped around different parts of your body, causing you to burn up to 1,900 calories in just one 50-minute session. The inch loss from infrared treatments are permanent unlike many of the generic body wraps available on the market.

San Diego Military Body Wraps

Gone are the days of doing extreme workout routines or crash dieting before a military fitness evaluation. With infrared body wraps, you can visibly see the results and rest assured that your body has burned calories and lost fat, not just water. Rebecca Samman, owner and certified infrared body wrap technician, recommends to all military men and women to begin a body wrap regimen about a month before your evaluation in order to achieve the best results. You will, however, see results after just a few sessions if you decide to come a few days before. Currently at Aztec Tan & Spa, we are offering body wraps at just $32 for all military men and women who show a valid military ID.

In addition to calorie burning and inch loss, infrared body wraps can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, alleviate generalized pain and arthritis, improve circulation and decrease stress. For more information on our Formostar infrared body wrap system for military, call our spa today!