Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Colon


Did you know that approximately 70 percent of your immune system is located in your gut? Common ailments including chronic fatigue, acne, and even allergies can be triggered by an imbalance of natural, healthy flora and destructive bacteria in the intestines. Stress, certain medications, and an unhealthy diet can reduce the amount of good bacteria in your stomach, causing this imbalance. Here are a few tips to help get your immune system back into tip top shape, as well as maintain a healthy, balanced colon.

Colon-Friendly Foods and Water...Lots of It

Alcohol, excessive caffeine, and unhealthy, fried foods can all wreak havoc on our digestive systems. Imagine a steady moving freeway during rush hour, and orange cones blocking off a major lane. The freeway still functions, but not at optimal speed and efficiency. Removing these toxic foods in your diet and replacing them with healthy ones can ensure a healthy digestion process, colon, and immune system. Eating 25-35 grams of fiber daily can help cleanse your body naturally, allowing waste to easily exit the body. Fiber-rich foods include raspberries, brown rice, whole wheat or whole grain pasta, black beans, artichokes, and many more. Studies show foods sufficient in Vitamin D can also help maintain a healthy colon and prevent many diseases. Fatty fish, like salmon, cheese, and eggs are excellent sources of Vitamin D. Also, just 15-20 minutes of sunshine a day can help you reach the daily recommended amount of 600 IUs.

Water is the essence of life, and a body well-hydrated is one that is functioning at its best. Experts recommend drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water daily. An easy way to remember this is the “8x8 rule.” During extreme heat, or exercise, more water intake is recommended. Hydration allows for toxins to be flushed from the body, reducing the risk of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), fatigue, bloating, and more.

Colon Hydrotherapy for Whole Body Wellness

Proper diet and exercise can help maintain a strong immune system and balance in your digestive track. However, sometimes a little additional help is required to fully cleanse your colon and achieve whole body wellness.

At Aztec Tan & Spa, we offer colon hydrotherapy sessions by Certified Colon Hydrotherapists. Each treatment is performed in a private, clean room and lasts for approximately one hour. During the colon cleansing treatment, warm water is filtered through a tube in the colon, flushing away impurities and toxins and allowing for healthy bacteria to grow and flourish. Many of our clients have reported that colon hydrotherapy helps kickstart their weight loss goals, increases their energy, and even boosts their immune system.

Consultations are always free and confidential. If you’re interested in trying colon hydrotherapy, or would like to learn more about the wellness services we offer at Aztec Tan & Spa, call us today.