No Tanning Fees (Ever) at Aztec Tan & Spa


Today, we live in an age of aggressive advertising campaigns, where the world is often promised at “too go to be true” prices, and most of the times, it is. Unfortunately, we often find this out when it’s too late.

This is especially true with tanning salons. We’ve all seen the commercials. Many chain tanning salons offer a freebie to get you in the door, or a super low membership price, but tack on the fees later in the fine print. Only after you’ve signed the contract do you realize it’s too late.

Aztec Tan & Spa is unlike the other big name tanning salons. At our salon, you are treated like family. We know all our regular customers by name and treat them to the best customer service only a locally owned, independent tanning salon and spa can provide.

Aztec Tan & Spa offers a number of spa packages, including monthly unlimited tanning for just $59/month. There are never any additional start-up fees, cancellation fees, or recurring fees to put your membership on hold. At the other salons, memberships come with a number of stipulations: “initiation fees” can often be as high as $20, multiple month payments are sometimes require up front, or the dates on which you can cancel your membership are extremely restrictive. Also, to put a tanning membership on hold, a $5-$10 fee is often applied.

We have had many former customers of the chain tanning salons switch to Aztec Tan & Spa because of our “no fee” policy. Also, our state-of-the-art beds are some of the best in the city! Once you switch you Aztec Tan & Spa, we assure you will feel right at home!

With the $59/month unlimited tanning membership at Aztec Tan & Spa, you get unrestricted use of each of our level 4 bronzing beds. The Level 4 Laydown Bed (Ergoline 600 Classic Turbo) is designed to get you the results you want while relaxing in comfort. The Level 4 Stand Up Bed (Cyclone Sun Capsule) delivers consistent, even results with floor to ceiling coverage. Now, you can stock up on Vitamin D and get that beautiful base tan before your tropical vacation--without the worry of being nickel and dimed to death!

Aztec Tan & Spa isn’t just a tanning salon; we offer a number of health and wellness services, too. We are your one-stop shop for looking and feeling beautiful! When you’re not using are beds, try a infrared body wrap, body sculpting session, or even colon hydrotherapy. Our professional staff is knowledgeable and can help you decide which service works best with your goals and your budget. Call (619) 286-4826 for more information or make an appointment online!